Who We Are

MAGIC (Mid Atlantic Geothermal Industry Coalition) is a regional non-profit association advocating for the development of Geothermal Systems as a dependable, cost-effective, renewable resource for the Mid-Atlantic.

We are all passionate about Geothermal Systems and their ability to make an immediate and significant reduction in energy from fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

Our Mission

• To educate and advocate for the advancement of Geothermal Systems as a valued solution for both residential and commercial applications in the Mid-Atlantic.

• Align geothermal business concerns (drillers, loop contractors, HVAC, manufacturers, distributors, & etc.) to state and local government groups.

• Provide education and training to participants, consumers, business and property owners, and political bodies.

Founding Members

- President, Board Member Adam Santry, Allied Well Drilling
- Vice President, Board Member Dustyn Owens, Owens Geothermal
- Treasurer, Board Member Shelton Cartwright, Waterfurnace
- Secertary, Board Member Bob LeBrun, Milby Company
- Board Member Richard Gibson, Climate Master
- Board Member Mark Utz, Ferguson

Today, geothermal users enjoy heating and cooling systems featuring dependable technology that delivers highly energy efficient, environmentally friendly heating and cooling to their homes and businesses using the earth’s constant ground temperature.

  • Ferguson
  • Milby Company
  • Waterfurnace
  • Owens Geothermal
  • ClimateMaster, Inc.
  • Allied Geothermal